Art connects us to our emotions and opens our mind.

I really enjoy going to art galleries, museum or paying attention to public art when walking around town. Consciouly looking at paintings, sculptures, installations, videos, drawings or photographs can marvel, disturb, calm, surprise or distract me. We don’t need to be an art historian nor an art collector to feel emotions through the presence of art. Art is not always easy to grasp, especially when looking at a contemporary art piece, which tends to be more conceptual than aesthetical, however getting exposed to art gets us out of our head and connects us to the sensations of pleasure, enchantment, fun, disgust, sadness, joy etc…I also love to visit galleries or a museum when I travel. It feels like another trip in the trip. Sometimes, the trip brings me to the past and I learn about history, just like when I visited the exhibit about Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti in Paris last October while visiting my parents. The exhibit was taking place at the charming Musee Maillol . Other times, the trip brings me to the future when I am exposed to cutting-edge video based or mixed media contemporary art. 

Alberto Giacometti, Bronze, Woman’s head, 1937-1938

I often look at people who visit galleries or museums with young children with a big smile on my face, especially when a parent or relative asks to the child : ” How do you like this ? Why ?”. It is such a smart way to inspire a child to question, to react. It allows him or her to enhance a sense of self-expression and awareness, a curiosity for what’s unusual. As we recently wrapped-up the Miami Art Week, where close to 20 contemporary art fairs take place along Art Basel Miami Beach fair every year during the first week of December, I ask myself : wouldn’t life be a bit dull or plain without art ? I spent time last week with my friend Emmanuelle Grelier, who founded the gallery Emmanuelle G. Contemporary Art, based in Greenwhich CT. It was fascinating to learn about the creative process of the artists she represents, the ideas they try to convey.

Close to the area where I live I have a few museums. A bit further North sits the Norton Museum of Art, located in West Palm Beach, which is currently ending a 59,000 sf expansion. The new building was designed by star architect Lord Norman Foster from Foster + Partners. The expanded area will open to the public in February 2019 and I look forward to immersing myself in the expanded museum and gardens, to enjoy its architecture and art on a future day off work.

How about you ? How do you find ways to be connected to art ? Do you enjoy the art you have at home or do you sometimes visit a museum, a gallery,  relax in a sculpture garden or walk by graffiti filled walls ? How does it make you feel ?

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  1. So true, connecting to art. This brings me an inner peace.

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