Feminine Energy

Why dropping into our body makes us love our life

Why featuring whipped cream and red berries on this photo ?

This is the photo I recently took…This is what I felt like eating to get out of my head and connect to my senses. I prepared homemade whipped cream ( the most delicious ! ), dipped fresh red berries in the cream and started savoring this outstanding yet simple dessert. I was so thrilled by the contrast between the soft texture of the cream and the crunchiness of the raspberries. The taste was divine. I was connected to my body after a day of doing and running around.

If you have no idea for what it means to be in our body, you are not alone. You must be wondering what it means or probably think that you already “are in your body” since you use it to walk, run, kick, hug and express yourself. Let me be honest with you : in our performance based and over stimulating culture, being in our body can be seen as weak or passive. It requires awareness, skills, tools and practice. Our society heavily promotes masculine energy, which is the energy men and women express when doing, thinking, analyzing, negotiating, accomplishing, going outwards. This is the energy we use at work and when managing a home, with or without children, pets, with or without elderly parents living with us. Feminine energy leaves the mind to get into the body, really into it. It allows us to feel our heart, muscles, breath, sexual organs. It enables to become aware of the world around us without judgement, to receive, focus inwards, connect to our creativity and intuition.

Just taking the time to stand still, take a few minutes to soften, put some soft music on and sit at my desk to write about this took so much effort … I needed to feel at peace, connected to feelings of pleasure, receptiveness and joy before I could write this blog post.

When I am constantly reading and answering text messages, emails, phone calls from clients, the internet or the car insurance company, I am stuck in my head, running and doing like a maniac, trying to make things happen. I need to consciously decide to make space and time in the day to slow down and become present to the now. The whipped cream and red berries clearly helped me switch from my masculine to my feminine energy and replenish myself.

How would you get to rest and out of you head ?

Learning to regularly shift from your masculine to your feminine energy can allow you to take care of yourself and fall in love with your life, especially when you feel depleted, exhausted or are craving for a deeper connection to a man, be it your partner, husband or someone you just started dating. Being in our masculine energy emasculates men, who end-up leaving, either physically or emotionally. It’s not about trying to always be in the feminine, it is more about finding balance between both energies and consciously slowly shifting from one to the other depending on the situation.

So how do we step into our feminine energy ?

1 ) Slow down and breathe.

Rushing, pushing and trying to make things happen can leave us empty and frustrated. Deciding to slow down, to focus on the breath, even for a few minutes each day can help us shift to the receiving state.

2 ) Become present and surrender to what is happening now.

Although this website is called ” Surrender to your bliss”, I admit finding it challenging to let go and accept what is. This is due to a deep pattern around control. Control is motivated by fear. Each time we allow to let go of control, something magic happens, there is a huge sense of relief and our body softens.

3 ) Get back in touch with your senses.

Take a few minutes a day to listen to soft music, especially when the singer’s voice expresses sensuality, like Melody Gardot in “Morning sun”. Create your playlist and listen to it in your car or at home. Look at nature around you. Where are the trees ? Let the wind, the rain or sun in. How does the touch of the wind feel like on your skin ? Smell something you like; coffee, tea, fresh herbs, a scented candle or a delicious face cream or body lotion. I love smelling and feeling the texture of the organic skin care products made by Evanhealy, who only works with US farmers or those from MadHippie  , who shows respect to our body and environment by not using any paraben nor petrochemical ingredient, using soy ink on their packaging and using BPA-free airless pump bottles. Go to an art gallery or a museum, interact with the artwork and see how it makes you feel.

4 ) Dance, take a bath or eat something delicious.

Even if you only have time to dance for 3 minutes Do it ! Put a music you love dancing on and do it when you are back home. ..or dance with your children. Dancing naked is the ultimate experience to get back into your body and feminine energy. Taking a bath and relaxing in warm water or swimming in the ocean, if possible, helps you let go of control and open-up. Eating something delicious and being fully aware of the tastes and textures is another way of being in the now and allow more joy to come in.

These are just a few tools to help you slowly switch from your masculine to your feminine energy. I go deeper into these tools in my workshops and my one-on-one mentoring programs.

If you feel like exploring your feminine energy, wish to enhance your relationship to yourself or to your ( existing or potential ) romantic partner and are not sure how to start nor how to keep yourself on track, reach out to me. You can send me a private message on Facebook or Instagram ( Surrender to your bliss page and account ) or click on the Connect with me tab. I will be very glad to have a conversation with you and see if we can be a good fit for one another and if I can help you grow on this matter.

Also, please drop me a line or contact me to let me know what your joys are, what you struggle with and what you would love to read about here ?

I look forward to hearing from you.

With bliss,


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