After discussing with you to identify what brings you bliss and where you wish to grow, I suggest a customized one-on-one mentoring program including conversations ( face-to-face of video sessions ), tools and fun gifts to help you reflect, be surprised, reach your goals and brings more desire for life into your day.

Surrender to your bliss is a series of sessions including one-on-one conversations and tools to help you identify what keeps you stuck, sad or frustrated and help you train to gain access to more joy and pleasure in your life even if you have no romantic partner, no children nor an exciting career.

What you will get from the mentoring program :

  • Gain more clarity about your values and priorities
  • Access more inner joy and desire for life in general
  • Be more connected to your feminine energy, which will increase your creativity and your sexual energy
  • Be more in acceptance of who you are here and now without craving for external approval or events
  • Surrender to more flow in your life and as a result, attract more great experiences, people and opportunities.

Getting a mentor who supports you and challenges your beliefs for a period of time of three months or more will help you grow into the best version of yourself.

Deep work takes time and we will need to embark on this adventure for at least three months in order for you to start seeing things change in your life.

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