Exercising barefoot and smelling the soil

This morning I went to my weekly yoga class in the park, which is held at Founders Park in Aventura, North of the Miami area, and is offered for free every Friday morningΒ  ( unless it rains ) by the City of Aventura. It is such a pleasant ritual to rush a bit on Friday mornings in order to exercise, stretch, relax, breathe for an hour on the grass, in the shade, in the open. I am lucky to have flexible working hours, which allow me to attend this class on a week day, during the day. I have been taking indoor yoga classes for a few years and I love these classes, but this is truly different. Being outside, breathing air more deeply, feeling the wind passing through my hair and neck, hearing the birds sing, smelling the herbal fragrance of the soil when I bend down and allow my bare feet to be on the humid grass is awakening for the soul and the senses.Β  I usually bring my multicolor bottle of waterΒ to keep me hydrated throughout the class. It uses a technology which is apparently adding positive vibrations to the water. I bought it on the website of the French company that manufactures the glass bottles. I can’t measure its benefits on my energy level, but it does not really matter as I have already decided that this bottle brings more nutrients to the water I drink.

The crowd of yogis attending the class is a mix of men and women ( although there is a clear majority of women attending the class ) of various ages. Many women come with their toddlers and children who walk, run around or grab their mother’s leg, foot or hand to get their attention or jump on them while they do a pause, just like on the photo above. The children may think it’s a game to be bending down, lifting arms, lying down as a corpse and for those who can walk, it’s a fun opportunity to imitate their mother’s moves. It is just so adorable. I would want to grab each one of them and kiss them.

I feel so rejuvenated after the class and the skin on my face clearly looks different; more pink, more vibrant. This ritual helps me feel more motivated and effective throughout the day, especially with work. This is why I emphasize on creating rituals ( weekly or daily ) in my workshops and my one-on-one mentoring sessions. Rituals add a sense of rhythm to your day or week, there are conscious habits which bring you meaning and joy. The website of the Chopra Center has a great article about the power of rituals : read here.Β 

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