Culture Shock

How adjusting to living in a different country helps open our horizon

Hello ! I would like to write about adjusting to living in a different country than the one we may grow up in and how my meetings with my friend Britta, who was born in Zurich, Switzerland, and also lived in Frankfurt and Berlin before moving to Miami are reminding me of how I felt after moving from Paris to Miami 15 years ago. I met Britta almost a year ago, as we were both attending a 3 month weekly digital marketing class ( Bizhack ). Of course, the fact that we were both from Europe created a natural curiosity towards one another. We kept in touch after the class. She has been tremendously helpful in designing the Surrender To Your Bliss website.

She is an amazing example of how we can always reinvent ourself, especially when moving to another country, where people speak a different language, eat, work, dress and have fun in new ways. She used to be employed as a theater director in Germany. She has become a digital marketing specialist and will become soon a website coding expert and entrepreneur in the United States, also helping her husband promote his sport injury physical therapy center in Miami Beach. One can hardly imagine a more radical change in a professional path, yet Britta has decided to attend various online and in-person classes at The Idea Center, the tech innovation educational hub at Miami-Dade College in Miami, in order to gain the skills that would allow her to jump into her new career. She met her husband ( American and Miami-basedΒ  ) online.Β  They had a 4 year long distance relationship before she moved to South Florida and got married. She confessed that she felt he was the first man who truly accepted her exactly how she is without trying to change her in any way. We recently met to discuss her main challenges and opportunities while adjusting to her new married life in South Florida. We laughed a lot taking the photo below and enjoyed savoring dark chocolate covered almond and coconut milk iced bars at a cute vegan cafe called Milk Gone Nuts. The main challenges for her was to be 100 % logistically and financially dependant on her husband while the largest opportunity appeared in reinventing her career and growing in a totally new professional field. I must add here that Britta is also an extremely driven and enthusiastic person, eager to learn and move forward. The conversation we recently had reminded me how lost I felt after the “honeymoon period” of moving to the Miami area. I had visited Miami so many times on vacation but living there full time was an adventure. I had clearly underestimated its intensity. I did not move for someone. I did not move for a job opportunity. I moved for myself and had to figure out how to create a new life, circle of friends and professional path on my own.

Living in a different country dramatically enhances our sense of clarity; we learn in a deeper way what truly matters to us, what we really enjoy and what we feel no connection with. We open our minds and push ourself to get out of our comfort zone. We meet people we would have never met if we had stayed where we were. However I believe that we can train ourself to look at things and people in a new way each time we travel or visit a new neighborhood. Wonder can be created anywhere. As far as I’m concerned, I would have never designed myΒ Surrender To Your Bliss mentoring services and workshopsΒ if I had never leaved Paris. Therefore, thank you to the Universe for allowing me to live this adventure. Thank you Britta for helping me bringing this website to life. Thank you to you for reading this blog post.

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  1. Great article…love your in deprh views.

    1. ariellebisca says:

      Thank you Carolyn for your comment !

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