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Enjoying the journey

This may be a coincidence or the repetition of a message I was supposed to pay attention to. And I did…Yesterday morning, before breakfast, I read a page of a book written by Rabbi Simon Jacobson and these lines caught my eyes: “…the little things you do in life are sometimes more important than the big things – the journey is sometimes as or more important than the final destination. When you go to work tomorrow, take a moment to appreciate how you got there. Every second of your trip matters – the people you meet on the way, the cup of coffee you drink while waiting for the bus, the piece of paper you throw in the trash can-all are changed by your action.”

Then I went to a yoga class in the evening and the teacher said, as most of us were struggling to keep our balance: ” This is not about the destination, it’s about the journey”. It really hit me as I had come across the same message twice during the same day.

In our overachieving, mostly masculine energy based culture, we can easily become obessed with the destination, the goal to be accomplished : a work appointment, a transaction, a meeting, a celebration, a purchase, an encounter, a goal, a trip etc….completely blind and deaf to what is bringing us “there”, to all the small steps along the way and the variety of emotions and encounterswe can experience in the process of “getting there”. It is true that being able to enjoy and live fully every step along the journey: falling while trying to keep balance in yoga, falling into the ocean when trying to stand on the windsurf board, mixing the egg yolks and the sugar while baking a cake, spending countless time on phone calls/emails when coordinating a professional project, bathing and getting dressed before meeting someone special, taking the dog or the baby out for a ride etc….

Don’t get me wrong, setting-up goals and targeting expected results in mind is key to accomplishing, however by mainly focusing on the destination we can spend too much time in the future instead of being present to the here and now. We can miss many special moments showing-up during the journey. We can also get disappointed once we have reached the destination, feeling a sense of emptiness as we wonder : what’s next ? So let’s celebrate the ups and downs, the preparation, the trip to get where we want to be and even the time waiting in line, not doing anything special.

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