When cleansing your face becomes a rejuvenating ritual

How do you wash your face at the end of the day ( if you do so ) ? How many of you do it in a rush or without any feelings of pleasure nor joy ?

Until recently, I always looked at the evening “before going to bed” face cleansing process as a chore, something to get over with quickly…until I came across a few of organic, petrochemical free and beautifully scented face skin care products. My perception radically changed and I really started to enjoy this special moment. Now I even look forward to this short period of time with myself. I alternate using either a cleansing oil ( I love the one by Mad Hippie, made out of pumpkin seed oil, ginger and rosehip ) or a cleansing milk ( I cherish the one created by Evanhealy featuring fresh steam-distilled chamomile and lavender essential oils ).

I recently read that we are in a long-term relationship with our skin, even if we want it or not. Like every type of relationship, if we want it to flourish, our intention, attention and presence matter. Choosing gentle cleansing products can help us softly remove impurities from our skin and relieve it from the weight of the day. In a polluted and filled with pesticides world, choosing to invest money time and love in our skin is key in nurturing a healthy and radiant face. Choose high quality skin care products. Turn your 5 second “let’s get rid of it” face cleansing time into a 30 second daily ritual, massaging a few drops of your oil, gel or cleansing milk in small circular motion, allowing your blood circulation to flow and your face to become more alive and look fresher. It works; my face has never looked so radiant. This moment becomes a bliss when you dare to tell your face how much you care for her and when you choose products that are non- abrasive, petrochemical free and diffuse the scents of delicious flower, plant, fruit extracts or essential oils.

Let me know how you wash your face and what you may be willing to do to approach this daily habit differently.

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