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Connection to our womb unlocks creativity and inner fire

When I lead a women wellness workshop I start with a guided meditation. The purpose is to help the women in the group connect to themselves physically, emotionally and energetically. I ask them to place a hand on their heart and the other one on their lower belly, which is actually where the sacral chakra, the womb or uterus, vagina and sex are located. When I coach a woman on a one-on-one basis, I usually address their personal history of joy and pain in that area as it is related to self esteem and acceptance of one’s body and life.

Throughout my personal journey and my coach training I discovered the power of focusing on my heart and my lower belly, however I had no idea that connecting to our womb and sexual organs on a regular basis could open so many doors. I recently came across a webinar presentation held in French by a sensuality and sexuality coach based in France and who specializes in womb connection. This webinar was fascinating and I learned so much that I took seven pages of notes ! I knew that our sacral chakra, located below the navel, is linked to our sexuality, pleasure, relationships, creativity and money.

Therefore I could easily imagine that balancing this energy center helps being more open to pleasure and abundance, without having compulsive behaviors and be in the flow with communication, finances, desire for life, creativity or love. I was also aware that our womb is related to our positive and negative memories of pregnancy or the absence of pregnancy, baby delivery, abortion, miscarriage, fertility, infertility, sexual pleasure, lack of sexual satisfaction and sexual abuse.

I was surprised to hear that our womb also holds the memories, joys and traumas related our period pain, lack of periods or contraceptives and their influence on women’s menstrual cycles, endometriosis, menopause, as well as those of all the women that have come before us ( our mother + our grandmothers + great grandmothers etc…). These past traumas can lead to body shame, low libido and self esteem, blockages in creativity and abundance.

She stated that our cellular memory holds the experiences of our female ancestors who have encountered much physical and emotional pain, especially around the womb and genital organs, living in patriarchal societies where women had no access to financial income and female sexual pleasure simply did not exist. As an example, if a woman has pain during sexual intercourse, it is probably linked to the sexual trauma(s) of one of the women included in her blood/genetic line. Most women actually do not know where their uterus is actually located and how it may look like, except when going for an ultrasound to check baby’s sexual identity and growth or for a Pap smear. There have been centuries of shame and guilt around women’s sexual organs : periods are dirty and messy, women’s sex is mysterious or ugly, female sexuality is complex and taboo.

What a relief for women to look at their sex without shame nor guilt. Men’s sexual organ is out and so easily visible. This is why women need to become more curious about their body to find where their womb, vagina and sex are located and look like. Also, men usually have more linear hormonal cycles, where hormone levels are higher in the morning and decrease at night whereas we women have hormonal cycles that last for four weeks until menopause, each week placing us at a different emotional and energetic level. We could learn how to adjust our creativity and drive to each week’s energetic level.

When we are imbalanced or ignore this area of our body, we can feel depleted, a lack of libido, low desire for life in general and blockages for creativity and abundance. On the other hand, we can also feel sexually obsessed and dependent on others for approval, connection and/or pleasure. When we train to connect to our sacral chakra and link it to our heart, the earth, and divine spirit, magic happens. We fully accept ourselves.

I have started doing it myself and it does help feel more secure, vibrant and alive. Energy flows all over the body. This is sexual energy. As sexual empowerment coach Amy Jo Goddard mentions; sexual energy fuels sexuality and eroticism, however it can also helps to feel fully receptive to the beauty of nature, to have inspiration to create art, projects, food, babies or communities. It needs to be nurtured or it will vanish.

I did purchase a womb connection and clearing session with this French coach. I was curious to see what would come-up. I had a one hour video session yesterday that included a conversation and a guided meditation, first sitting then lying down. She guided me to connect to my womb and see a tree grow from my uterus, all the way to the earth and to my heart. I heard unusual sounds like if she were sucking and blowing air in and out of something. I really wanted to open my eyes and look at what she was doing! This meant I was still connected to my head and not completely to my womb nor body. At the end of the session she said my womb was energetically “empty”, which felt quite strange and she specified that she “filled it up” with energy…

I must admit I was originally quite skeptical about the whole experience. However I felt very tired afterwards and during the whole day. Re-energizing parts of the body or balancing chakras can lead to fatigue or emotional reactions until a higher clarity and sense of joy appear. I have a second and final video conversation with her in three weeks, where we will discuss what has changed for me and how I have been feeling.

Do you ever connect to your womb or sex and if you do, how ?

Feel free to send me an email to : arielle@surrendertoyourbliss.com to share your comments or responses. Thank you !

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