Acknowledging divine presence in and around us

I took the photo featured above with my phone when I went to the beach, one evening, a couple of weeks ago, after a full day of work and heavy rain. This photo has not been edited. I was sitting there, on the sand, admiring the beauty of the sky at sundown, the reflection of its colors on the calm ocean, as quiet as a lake. It was gorgeous and so peaceful. Then I thought about putting my phone on airplane mode, to fully enjoy the show without being distracted by my phone notifications. I took a few deep breathes and stared at the beauty of the sparkling water. I wanted to surrender to the magic of this moment. Surrender…this word is included in the name of my website and yet, it is probably one of the most challenging things to do. We are so conditioned to try to keep control on things and people that surrendering is often considered a failure or a weakness. I thought about connecting to myself, connecting to a higher force, God or the universe…and then I saw this bright gorgeous light coming from the sky and mirroring itself in the ocean. It was surreal. Something happened because I surrendered to the moment. I felt I could ask for guidance, pray and connect to this energy inside and outside of me.

How many times a day do we loose this opportunity from connecting to the present and being a witness of the beauty of the sky, the ocean, a tree, a street, a smile, a sound ? How often do we pass through life instead of really living it ? How often do we focus on what’s missing in our lives instead of realizing the gift of breathing, seeing, walking or speaking ?

As Rabbi Simon Jacobson from The Meaningful Life Center in New York states in his presentation ” How to create sacred space”; we have the choice to create a sacred space anywhere and anytime. We can sanctify space and time by bringing our contribution, love, gratitude, purpose to every place ( starting with our own home ) and time. We have the opportunity to create a very special experience anywhere and anytime and as Simon Jacobson says, by doing this we turn a moment or location into something eternal, that will forever stay with us. How do we manifest this in ways that enrich our lives ?

I am currently reading the book ” There is a spiritual solution to every problem” by the amazing late author and speaker Wayne W. Dyer. He often refers in his book to the teachings of ancient Hindu author and sage Patanjali who stated that “we are capable of reaching a state of awareness in which we can perform miracles” and “we are spirit in body”…. “believing otherwise is ignorance through false identification ” with our ego or our story. Wayne W. Dyer specifies : “We have trained ourselves to be fearful and anxious when presented with problems.” However, when we train to become aware of the fear, anger or sadness invading our head and our body and shift to surrender to the unknown or to a higher force, something magic happens. Fear is slowly replaced by calm as we accept to hand out our questions or worries to the divine energy. Very often, a sign will show-up, a few minutes, hours or weeks later, providing us with a solution or a message, through a book, a person, an event, a place, an experience.

We often misdirect our energy by trying to control people, an outcome, hanging on anger, sadness or simply by focusing on what we don’t want instead of putting our energy on what we want to experience. When we focus on the good in our life, ask the divine presence for guidance and focus on what we want, we will vibrate at a higher frequency level, which will attract opportunities to help us get what we want or be who we want to become. As Wayne W. Dyer writes: ” To access a spiritual solution to a problem involves focusing on the idea of a solution”…”Problems come from a nonspiritual; mindset. There is a spiritual solution available and you can create the energy to access it at will”.

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  1. Carolyn Chebaro says:

    Great insights. Surrendering is key and you noted. I love the quotes … well written article. Cannot wait for the next one!

  2. Arielle says:

    Thank you Carolyn, so glad you like the blog post !

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