Journaling : a powerful step towards change

Have you ever written often or every day on a journal ?

If you do, what does it bring to you ? If you don’t, why not ?

This is such a powerful tool towards change as well as an incredible ritual to implement in order to grow your creativity, gain more clarity about your thoughts and emotions, release stress, sadness or anger.

We are highly creative beings, taking disorder and rearranging it in something beautiful. Sometimes messy but still beautiful. Everyone is an artist, feeling the need to express, to hear and be heard, to communicate an individual message in a unique way.

I have been journaling for a few months only and must say it’s a fantastic habit that I will include in the tools of my future online course for women to go from overwhelm, sadness of frustration to radiance and bliss.

I started writing about experiences I am grateful for on a notebook four years ago and fairly recently added a few words about thoughts, feelings, hopes and ideas. Then I added more of them. I started with a page and now usually write more than two pages a day, just after breakfast and before getting to work. I guess my notebook has officially become a journal 🙂

In our fast paced, multitasking, digital culture, taking a pen to write on paper could seem completely outdated and a waste of time. It’s actually the opposite; touching a pen and writing on paper allows you to articulate your thoughts, wonder, reflect, look back, circle, cross out, dive into the present, envision the future. It helps you enhance your awareness, dilute your fears and frustrations by writing about them and it offers you the option to connect to your hopes and dreams.

If we don’t take time, every day, to reflect on who we are and who we want to become, we live on the surface of things and in reaction to what life and people throw at us, a dozen times a day. Taking the time to sit in silence or with a soft music you enjoy, a cup of tea or coffee, early in the morning or towards the end of your day will open new doors for you and transform your inner and outer worlds. This is when journaling as a daily ritual becomes really powerful : it allows you to withdraw from the constant invasion of news, social media and other distractions to stop and become an observer.

A reiki specialist told me once that her throat chakra used to be blocked for a while. This chakra relates to self expression. When it is blocked, the energy does not flow in this area of the body and can lead to frustration, emotional suffering, feelings of hopelessness and even sickness. It is a sign that you may keep silent emotions or thoughts you may need to express. You may not know how to ask for what you want, set boundaries or are unable to shape the life you want to create. She started expressing herself through painting. I remember her saying : ” I work full time, have three children and a husband but no matter what, I have to paint every day. I find the time.” She suggested painting, drawing, dancing, playing music ( if you can ) or journaling to express what we are not easily able to express aloud.

How to start ?

Treat yourself to a nice notebook or journal. You can find really inspirational ones on the Copendium website, or on Etsy, where you can order personalized journals with your name or words of your choice. Once you have your journal, find your preferred and quite spot where you will write. Start with ten minutes a day or one page, even if it means waking up ten minutes earlier or going to bed ten minutes later and start writing. Anything. Feel free to add the date and location before starting.

Combine this with something you already do and enjoy such as savouring a cup of coffee or tea, listening to relaxing music etc… Do this every day and you will see how little by little you will loose track of time and feel like writing a second page.

Write about your fears, your goals or about the fact that you are not inspired today and have no idea what your goals are. Write about how frustrated or excited you are about your communication with your spouse, son, friend or colleague. Write about the stories that have always been there, that have kept you safe and have nurtured a sense of identity but if you look closer, you can tell yourself that these stories have been limiting you to uncover your inner radiance and creativity. Write about your old stories and your repetitive patterns and decide to write a new story that will support who you want to become or who you truly are. Once you practice every day for at least 21 days, this conscious effort will become a subconscious habit, something that will just be part of your daily life.

Change is slow and subtle. Be patient with yourself and enjoy the process.

Feel free to also check my Youtube video about journaling.

Let me know if you already journal or if you start, how it makes you feel and how it has enabled you to change : arielle@surrendertoyourbliss.com

With bliss,


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