2020 will be remembered as an intense year

I can’t believe we are just a few weeks away from the end of 2020…

How will you remember this unusual, “pandemic friendly” year ? What are the beautiful and sad or upsetting experiences you had to go through ?

I can describe this year as definitely being intense. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced all of us to change and live in new ways. This year has been experienced differently depending on the country and city we live in, the spread of the pandemic, the timing of lockdowns and restrictions ( most of Europe is currently going through a second lockdown ) and our lifestyle.

We all had to embrace more technology and invite Zoom into our tribe of closest friends, cut down on social and “outside” activities to spend more time at home and reorganize our daily lives.

Some of our experiences have been frightening or upsetting ( loosing income or a job, postponing, canceling celebrations or projects, being sick, losing a loved one, breaking-up a marriage or a romantic relationship, experiencing abuse, anger or extreme fatigue, or simply not being able to travel… etc…) while some of them have been uplifting and surprisingly beautiful ( going more inwards than outwards, discovering a sense of sacred, refocusing on what truly matters, creating new personal and professional opportunities, sometimes reinforcing romantic relationships, spending more time with loved ones and with nature, slowing down ).

The photo above shows one of the spaces of the Jacquemart-AndrΓ© museum in Paris, where I was very lucky to stand, a few weeks ago, while I was attending a beautiful exhibit of paintings and watercolours by genius British painter Turner. It was such a breath of fresh air, an enchanting moment of culture and beauty for the senses, especially at a time when museums around the world have either been closed or operating at 25-50% capacity.

I was also extremely lucky to enjoy a few gourmet lunches and pastries with great friends or relatives, in beautiful settings, either in Paris, Ajaccio ( Corsica ) or Miami and Palm Beach over the past few months. Not being able to go to restaurants or coffee shops as often as I used to has turned each experience into something truly special and precious. I, like many of us, was forced to see that what I used to take for granted is actually a gift and something to be grateful for.

The Norton museum in Palm Beach has just reopened and I will soon purchase tickets to visit their current art exhibition.

I usually visit Europe approximately once a year to visit my parents, my siblings and my nephews. This year, I went to Europe three times, despite the pandemic.

The main reason being that my father went to the hospital in June for a serious illness. I went to spend over three weeks with him in August and September while he was stuck there ( I wrote about this intense and incredible experience in my previous post ), came back to South Florida at the end of September…to fly back to Corsica 10 days later for his funeral. I did not expect he would not survive 2020. His loss and the void he has left have definitely contributed in labeling this year as intense, challenging and unique.

My father sits inside of me now and I think about him all the time.

The pandemic and this grieving process have pushed me to recalibrate my priorities, turn more inwards through prayer, meditation, and time in nature. Like so many, I used to spend so much time chasing people and experiences outside of myself before the Covid-19 outbreak. Such radical changes in our lifestyle has led many adults, seniors, teenagers and children to be on the brink of mental illness or emotional breakdown.

My boyfriend and I broke-up during the pandemic. Even if this was not a pleasant experience, I can admit that somehow the pandemic has helped me see that I was going to be ok, feel better alone than glued in an emotionally unhealthy romantic relationship. It always takes time to heal after a break-up, however the opportunity to look deeper at our fears and hopes is usually right there standing in front of us.

Creating a sacred ritual around having a “day off ” per week has tremendously helped me stay still and connect to a higher force. On this day, I leave all electronic devices unattended, including my phone. I do not use my car, I only eat at home and do not purchase anything. This has been a disrupting yet a surprisingly rejuvenating experience where I created the time and space to read novels again. I had not read novels or biographies in years, always lacking time for it. This ritual of the “day off” ( not only a day off work but a day off electronic device interruptions and outside distractions ) can be an extraordinary experience to try, for you, your romantic relationship or your family. If you start with yourself, you will inevitably start impacting people around you.

Believe it or not, I bought my first red lipstick during quarantine πŸ™‚ and realized I could “dress-up” my lips for my own pleasure, even when wearing a mask outside.

What new habits have you created this year ?

Most industries have been completely disrupted by the pandemic. Just to name a few; the beauty and perfume industries have seen their in-store purchases tremendously drop while new consumer behaviors have emerged such as focusing on traditional and reassuring fragrances ( Chanel number 5 or Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana ), offering a set of perfume samples when a fragrance is purchased ( Kilian perfumes ) or creating customized one-on-one video experiences with shop representatives via the live video app Spockee .

Small and large organizations and businesses across the globe have had to become very creative and innovative to survive.

As Thanksgiving is being celebrated this week in the United States, I am grateful for the opportunities I have to dig deeper, find new resources to nurture greater connections with my loved ones and help my clients feel more inspired and joyful despite our life’s setbacks.

Reach out to me if you have any questions or wish to schedule a free thirty minute one-on-one video transformation session to discuss where you may feel stuck or wish for a more blissful life.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and joyful end of the year holidays !

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