Bonjour ! My name is Arielle. 

Fifteen years ago, I moved from Paris to Miami, experiencing a strong culture shock, adjusting to a new lifestyle while trying to create my new career and circle of friends. Throughout this process, I was looking for ways to meet a wonderful man and have my own family. As I was not finding him, I trained to become a foster parent, went through fertility treatments on my own, and felt much sadness and frustration for a long time.  

I spent years being disconnected from my body and was locked-up in my head through destructive  stories… until I found acceptance, surrendered to what the universe was offering me, slowly learned how to reconnect to my feminine energy, my body as well as the divine force. 

Also, I often reflect on what it means to live far away from the country where one grows-up. This has clearly helped me become a richer individual and develop a sense of self-clarity.

I learned to heal the absence of a child and the role of motherhood in my life through a combination of self-improvement workshops, books, guided meditations, dance classes, one-on-one coaching programs with coaches based in the US and in Europe, and spiritual events. 

This long journey has opened my eyes to the vital need for myself and for many women to experience bliss and contentment with what the universe ( or God, Spirit ) is delivering to us.

Today, I feel it is truly possible to feel joy, a strong desire for life and bliss  without having a child, a romantic partner or the house I was originally dreaming of. I learned how to surrender to my own bliss… 

After working in advertising in Paris and in real estate sales in South Florida for several years, I am now mentoring women to guide them to get more in touch with their feminine energy and surrender to the bliss that sits inside of them.

I also have a Professional Life Coach Certificate which helps me further guide women who want to feel more excited about their life, see their uniqueness and beauty.

Surrender To Your Bliss is a woman one-on-one mentoring program and/or interactive workshops combining cognitive listening, customized conversations and fun tools to help women see their inner light, feel vibrant, be present in their body and proud of who they are, even in the absence of a child at home, a romantic partner or an exciting career in their life.

Aurevoir !


My services are also available in French.

Mes services de coaching pour femmes sont aussi disponibles en français.