Do you often feel exhausted, lost or unfulfilled by your personal and/or professional life ?

Do you regularly feel unattractive, or inadequate and do not particularly enjoy the experience of being a single woman ?

Do you feel incomplete or lonely because of the absence of children in your life ?

Then you came to the right place…

Surrender To Your Bliss is a series of private in-person or video sessions including one-on-one conversations as well as tools to help you identify what keeps you stuck, sad or frustrated and inspire you to gain access to more joy and pleasure in your daily life. Yes, this is possible for you, even in the absence of a romantic partner, a child or an exciting career.

What you will get from your customized mentoring program :

  • Gain more clarity about your values, priorities and goals
  • Access a higher sense of self worth and trust in yourself 
  • Manifest a higher level of inner joy and desire for life in general ( including sexual desire )
  • Be more connected to your feminine energy and to your body, which will increase your creativity, intuition and erotic radiance 
  • Enhance your acceptance of who you are here and now without craving for external approval 
  • Grow your connection to divine energy and your feeling of being protected
  • Surrender to more gratitude and flow in your life and as a result, attracting richer personal and professional experiences, wonderful people and opportunities.

Getting a mentor who supports and guides your for a few weeks will help you grow into the best version of yourself. Transformation takes time and a willingness to open-up. 

Start your Surrender To Your Bliss journey today !

What they say after experiencing the Surrender To Your Bliss mentoring program:


“I was worn out! Arielle taught me the importance of self care. As a result of her offerings my life is more rounded and joy-filled"


“Arielle's guidance means creativity and fun. Her enthusiastic style is very encouraging, motivating and uplifting."