Surrender to your bliss is a series of sessions including one-on-one conversations ( in person or via video ) and tools to help you  identify what keeps you stuck, sad or frustrated and help you train to gain access to more joy and pleasure in your life even in the absence of a romantic partner, a child or an exciting career.

After connecting and spending time with me for a minimum period of three months, and implementing the tools that I will share with you, you will :

  • Progressively gain more clarity about your values and priorities
  • Access more inner joy and desire for life in general
  • Be more connected to your feminine energy, which will increase your creativity and your sexual radiance
  • Be more in acceptance of who you are here and now without constantly craving for external approval or events
  • Surrender to more flow in your life and as a result, attract more great experiences, people, professional and personal opportunities.

Getting a mentor who supports you and challenges your beliefs for a period of time of three months or more will help you grow into the best version of yourself.

Deep work takes time and we will need to embark on this adventure for a few months in order for you to start seeing things clearly change in your life.

Please note that the information that you share with Arielle during your one-on-one mentorship program remains confidential. 

Surrender to your bliss is for women who feel exhausted, empty, sad, afraid, lonely or like a failure for not having children, a romantic partner or a fulfilling career.

You do not know exactly what you want but you have a strong desire to feel better, more alive and see things change in your life. You are confused, are not sure how to grow and heal, however you want to attract more light and fun. You do not know where to start, however you feel ready to get guidance and support.

You are willing to put the time, energy and money to invest on yourself, in order to see the light at the end of the tunnel, become alive again and reconnect with the best person you can be in this lifetime.

These mentoring tools and services are not for you if :

  • You are convinced that there is no way out nor light at the end of the tunnel for you
  • You are looking for a quick fix or instant pleasure and relief
  • You are not willing to take responsability for your confusion, suffering or lack of desire ( sexual desire or lack of desire for life )
  • You are not ready to put in the time, energy and money into digging deep into your beliefs, letting go of your story, freeing-up time for weekly mentoring sessions with me and creating new rituals that will reconnect you to the amazing person you are
  • You are not ready to invest in yourself for a minimum of three months.