Creative workshops

Surrender to your bliss offers interactive and fun workshops which can take place at a luxury hotel or retreat location, your office, your membership club favorite meeting spot or a yoga center in South East Florida.

We provide fun exercises and tools for women to connect to themselves and to each other in a safe and friendly environment. We will enjoy connecting to our dreams and our soul, sharing inspiring conversations and awakening our senses. We will experience getting out of our overstimulated and limiting mind, feeling more alive and joyful, which is actually accessible to any of us.

Some of our workshop packages include a 30 minute private video coaching session with me, Arielle.

These workshops enhance your ability to play, drop your energy from your head to your body and reconnect to the present and to what makes you feel unique and blissful.

What workshop guests say :

“This was such an inspiring moment for me, I really enjoyed it. Thank you, thank you!”
… from Carolyn.

“Thank you. I had a wonderful experience getting in touch with my femininity. That was unexpected. It was a very special night.”
… from Diane.

“Thank you for reminding me how important it is to stay connected to the present. God bless you.”
… from Patricia.